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We help brands and businesses navigate the digital world using a growth strategy mindset and innovation.

Partner with us to navigate the digital maze and grow your business.

Growthmaze is a Houston born, internet bred full-service digital marketing agency and your partner in your sustainable growth strategy. We help you navigate the digital maze and grow your business.

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I have done everything by the book, but my website is not getting enough traffic

Growth Strategy

I’m not able to reach my target audience online

Digital Marketing

My products are concept proofed, but they’re not converting to sales.

Social Media Marketing

The sales at my store are satisfactory, I want to capture the digital market and grow.

Powerful backend

The European languages are members of the same family. Their separate existence is a myth

5-Stars Support

I googled my business and my ratings and rankings are very weak.


Awesome & Co




Old Brewery


We conduct an interactive discussion where we probe answers to understand your main challenge and develop a cohesive brand identity. Your values; positioning; customer development; products and services, funnel creation.

Phase 1

Beginning with the end in sight.


Designing a blueprint that allows complete clarity in the steps ahead. It exists as a creed to inform and improve defines future brand decisions. We use data and insight to make intelligent decisions and document it to inform the design process and next steps.

What happens next?

We begin the implementation of strategy and creation of assets. We develop your brand identity- customer personas, logo and design, website development, marketing campaigns, media

Phase 2

Weaving logic with creativity


Brand strategy is a perennial force that breathes within your digital marketing and business decisions.

Phase 3

We employ a specific suite of tech that is curated to serve your business goals. It enables and automates a higher level of searchability through your marketing funnels.

The promptness of their delivery and their work ethic are both remarkable.

The promptness of their delivery and their work ethic are both remarkable.