Strategy & Consulting
Your Partner in Growth Strategies

Primed with agility. Nurtured by design thinking

GrowthMaze is built by entrepreneurs with an arsenal of decision making skills to drive impact. We see growth as a process of collaboration, creativity, and disciplined execution. With technology evolving at a rapid rate, we help partners recognize the tools needed to improve their bottom line. Our values and dedication to our projects allow us to be an extension of your own team. GrowthMaze is beyond your ideal marketing agency, we are your true partner in business growth.

We begin with evaluating your marketing strategy, distribution channels, and aligning goals

Our team approaches pain points with curiosity- being able to consider your end goal in mind while finding solutions for your challenges.

Research, budget and allocate

Create and iterate strategy plans with your marketing or core team.

We were blown away with the new logo and website that they created, which were both done very quickly.

Growth Strategy

Digital transformations for value-driven sustained growth– “As a generation born into the digital evolution, GrowthMaze is fluent in the cognitive behaviors of consumers. This can be challenging when there are cultural changes and generational gaps at play. Thinking outside-in allows us to help our partners retain and grow their presence. Not just as a quick gimmick of disruption, but a sustainable increase of revenue, awareness, and size.

Not too long ago, business strategy was only revisited every couple of years, was used as a synonym for vision, and never left the boardroom. GrowthMaze encourages a more bottom-up approach to strategy where the whole team has clarity about the path forward and carries out tasks with the same goal in mind.

Insights about the decisions your customers make can save you time and resources; but more so, provide profound analysis on their why they make decisions.

Content Strategy & Copywriting

If content is king, strategy is it’s kingdom

For content to be reigned king, it needs to cut through the noise of competition and capture the fleeting attention of your audience. Whether it’s video, written, email or social- every type of medium has to deal with a different animal of content and marketing. With no one-caption-fits all – our team is able to strategize, tailor, and create content that fits the tone and voice of your brand and that connects with your audience.

As millennials, our generation has grown up consuming content.  Our team not only has the sophisticated tools needed to optimize, automate, and analyze your content strategy, but the intuitive prowess to discern what will work and what will soon pass.

Our process involves works in tandem with your core and marketing teams

We start with an audit of your current distribution channels and performance analysis

Technical SEO research for keyword, consistency and fixing existing errors

Create customer personas who are most likely to spread awareness and highly engage with your brand.

We assign our creatives and confirm timelines.

Copywriting for websites and ads

Create thumb-stopping copy

Good copy can dictate how a customer can relate, engage and communicate with your brand. It’s tailored to your audience and the integrity of your brand. Copy without branding and strategy can fall flat, but when great copy is used creatively- it will produce results.

  • Website and app writing
  • Email Marketing
  • UI/UX
  • Graphics
  • Print
  • Scriptwriting

Customer Journey Mapping

In 2020, customer experience is everything. From discovery to purchase, a sound marketing strategy makes it easy for customers to make their final decision. BLAH BLAH try to finish this, essentially, we don’t want to write content, copy etc before we know who the customer is (customer personas) and funnel (steps for consideration) include reference to The GrowthMaze marketing funnel graphic:

  • Lead Generation
    • Awareness
  • Lead Nurture
    • Interest
    • Consideration
    • Intent
    • Evaluation
  • Sales
    • Purchase
From strategy to implementation, GrowthMaze helps businesses align their digital identity with their goals. With an outside-in approach, we help your business champion your customer’s needs by creating memorable user experiences.