Branding & Design

Strategic storytelling makes for powerful brands

Your brand is the fiber of communication between your business and customer. To create a strong connection, it has to be aligned with your values and business strategy. GrowthMaze is seasoned in storytelling for brands and creating identities that will have the most impact.

Whether it’s a rebrand or genesis of a brand, GrowthMaze considers all steps from the same boiling point- strategy.

The GrowthMaze Method

Discovery and debrief

Research and develop creative brief

Creation of assets and review

We were blown away with the new logo and website that they created, which were both done very quickly.


We create logos to best identify your brand. With simplicity and a design rhetoric that speaks to your customers, we create graphics to make the best first impression.

Corporate Branding

Your brand identity is a vital part of your business reputation. At GrowthMaze, we are fluent in the needs of corporate audiences and clients and are able to create simple, sophisticated branding to create a legacy and capital. Our team is able to start afresh or maintain your guidelines to create visuals that are fitting for your audience and values.

Custom Graphics

Memorable design marries aesthetics and strategy. Our skilled graphic designers imbibe the ary of type, color and illustration and create graphics that visually communicate your brand and stand out in a market full of logos. At GrowthMaze, we understand that print is not dead, and know how to capitalize on print marketing to leave an impression and be in synergy with your strategy.

Film and Photo

In an era of visual consumption, the average user spends more than 3 hours a day, just on Instagram. With social media becoming indispensable to businesses we use the newest content product formats to create experiences that spark joy and convert into results. From a launch video to a commercial, and everything between, the GrowthMaze team has the right amount of expertise and passion to create content for a delightful digital experience.

From strategy to implementation, GrowthMaze helps businesses align their digital identity with their goals. With an outside-in approach, we help your business champion your customer’s needs by creating memorable user experiences.